Pre-course: Disaster Medicine

Monday 1 October 2012: 8:00 - 18:00

Course Directors

  • Francesco Della Corte, Novara, Italy
  • Steve Photiou, Padova, Italy Faculty
  • Francesco Della Corte, Novara, Italy
  • Ives Hubloue, Brussels, Belgium
  • Kristi Koenig, Irvine, CA, USA
  • PL Ingrassia, Novara, Italy
  • Steve Photiou, Padova, Italy
  • Abdo Khoury, Besançon, France


 25 physicians maximum.
 The course shall be cancelled if less than 15 participants are registered.

Learning objectives

How to implement a hospital plan to face the contemporary arrival to the Emergency Department of a large number of patients after mass casualties/disasters. Applicants must have basic competence in health care or health management. Practical experience in disaster preparedness or management is welcome.

Proposed schedule

The course will be organised in two phases: 

  • distance learning phase on a specific website for 15 days before the course
  • an on-site course of one (and half?) day before the 7th ECEM.

The “I SEE RICELAND” course has an innovative format making use of specific  application of multimedia and interactive simulation tools for prehospital and inhospital preparedness and response in mass casualties incidents and disasters. 

Frontal lectures and Workshops will deal with “Risk analysis” – “Command, control, coordination” – “Pre and In Hospital Triage” – “In Hospital areas definition and treatment pathways” – “Surge Capacity”

Lessons to be read before starting the course

  1. Introduction to Disaster Medicine
  2. Risk analysis
  3. Triage
  4. Expected pathologies in Disasters
  5. Prehospital preparedness
  6. Hospital Disaster Preparedness: general principles
  7. Surge capacity 
  8. Hospital Emergency Incident Command system
  9. Hospital preparedness to nuclear disasters 
  10. Hospital preparedness to bioterrorism
  11.  Hospital preparedness to chemical accidents


08:00 Registration of participants.
08:15 General principles of Hospital Preparedness – F. Della Corte
09:00 Risk analysis workshop – PL Ingrassia.
10:00 Principles of prehospital organisation in MCI – A. Khoury
10:45 Coffee break.
11:00 Exercise on triage – S. Photiou.
12:00 Surge capacity: concept and application to MCI emergencies – K. Koenig.
12:30 The chain of command – PL Ingrassia.
13:00 Lunch break.
14:00 Introduction to simulation exercise.
15:00 Simulation exercise : ISEE - Wiljan Van Norel.
17:30 Discussion and Conclusion.
18:00 End of course.