EUSEM’s main objective is the harmonisation of professional levels in Emergency Medicine throughout Europe. In order to achieve this goal, a wide variety of educational activities are in progress and many more are set to be launched.

The standards of competence and knowledge for European Emergency physicians are clearly described in the European Curriculum and may be achieved with the specialty of Emergency Medicine or with specific training programmes in Emergency Medicine. EUSEM aims to offer and endorse continuing education through modular courses, web-based clinical educational content, clinical policies and Guidelines and the European Journal of Emergency Medicine.

EUSEM Academy

The newest development EUSEM has accomplished on an educational level is the launch of the EUSEM Academy, This is a platform with the presentations and webcasts from the EUSEM Congresses, partly turned into learning quizzes and elearning modules, based on the European Curriculum. With every congress the content and value will grow.  

The platform is also available as an app for Apple and Android:

Click here to download the Free EUSEM Academy App for iOS iPhone/iPads

Click here to download the Free EUSEM Academy App for Android devices

You can login with your EUSEM account or if you don't have one, create one.


Another accomplishment is the Curriculum+, a document based on the European curriculum with educational sources per subject. This is a useful handle for the EBEEM candidates and everyone interested in Emergency Medicine. 

Please check the table of contents in the blue box to see what more we have to offer in the field of Education.