Young EM Doctors Section


Since the foundation of EUSEM, much has changed for the better for emergency medicine in Europe.

Residents are the future, not only of the organisation, but of the entire specialty. Their involvement is therefore of key importance in shaping this future. Together we will take initiative in making another step forward!

Mission Statement

To improve contact between European EM residents and EUSEM; to promote research among European EM residents; to improve European EM resident training; to improve contact between European EM residents among Federation members; to advocate the recognition of EM as a basic specialty in European countries where this is not yet the case.


1. EUSEM Young Doctors fellowship
See here for details: YEMD Fellowship 

2. YEMD Refresher Courses

Every year several Refresher Courses are organised on different locations in Europe.
Updates are available here

3. YEMD track at the annual EUSEM Congress

Together with the Scientific Committee providing an opportunity for young EM doctors to be speakers at the EUSEM Congress.
The YEMD board consults the YEMD members on topics of interest to the young doctors.  

Goals and Objectives

As a Young EM Doctors Section we would like to concentrate on the following goals and objectives:

1. Address the needs of EM residents

By having a representative in the EUSEM Council, we will improve contact between European EM residents and EUSEM. In this way EM residents will be able to present their views and concerns directly to the EUSEM Council.

2. Aid optimizing the specialist education in EM in Europe

European EM residents are at the centre of the EM curriculum. They are thus in a key position to help evaluate and improve the curriculum.
In the future, section representatives could help further develop the EM resident path at EUSEM congresses. EM residents should be motivated to participate in these congresses.

3. Promote genuine research among EM residents to enhance our scientific foundation

As a strong scientific foundation is crucial for our future, we would make it easier to create projects between different European EM departments by EM residents and give structural help to start this up.

4. Improve relationships and share experience between European EM residents

By creating a network of European EM residents (e.g. in the form of a mailing list) we will be able to improve relationships by making it easier to have contact with each other and share experiences.
During EUSEM and MEMC congresses, informal meetings will be created to improve networking between EM residents.

5. Advocate the recognition of EM as a basic specialty where this is not yet the case

Become an advocate for the recognition of EM as a new medical specialty in your European country, e.g. by addressing your national government. By various projects the EM resident section will help you achieve this goal.

Section members

YEMD Board:

Chair: Başak Yılmaz
Co-Chair: Marco Bonsano
Secretary: Bulut Demirel
Congress Track Lead: Canberk Djan Meseli
Fellowship Program Lead: Dinka Lulic
Education Lead: Eugenia Maria Muresan



Open call for YEMD speakers

Dear Young Emergency Doctor, Nurse, Paramedic, Student,
Would you like to be part of EUSEM 2021 in the spectacular city of Lisbon!

Read the full instructions HERE

The deadline for applications is January 31.

Send your application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Contact Information

For further information and to express interest in joining the Young EM Doctors Section, contact:

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Twitter: @EUSEMY

Instagram: EUSEMY

To receive our YEMD newsletter please create a profile at MyEUSEM and select Young Emergency Medicine Doctors at your special interests. 

To be accepted into the Section, you will need to be a member of EUSEM. If you are not yet a member, please apply here.