EM Day working group

The EM Day working group is in charge of orchestrating the annual Emergency Medicine Day campaign on 27 May. 


Our mission

Raising awareness about the importance of Emergency Medicine and the need for competent, specialised professionals who can work in organised structures and inclusive systems dedicated to Emergency care.

Reaching a higher level of competence worldwide through the EM Day campaign. In our understanding of competency, inclusivity is a fundamental principle that ensures equal access to emergency care for all individuals, irrespective of their geographical location, ethnic origin, or religious beliefs.



Roberta Petrino

     Luis Castrillo 

 Dr Roberta Petrino     


       Dr Luis Castrillo





Abdo Khoury

Basak Yilmaz

Eevae Tuunainen

Dr Jim Connolly  Dr Abdo Khoury   Dr Basak Yilmaz  Dr Eevae Tuunainen Dr Bulut Demirel  


27 May is The offical day of Emergency Medicine

The 27 May 1994 was the birth of Emergency Medicine in Europe. A group of visionary people signed the founding act of the European Society for Emergency Medicine, in London. The aim was to build a system model to grant every European citizen a professional, competent and, above all, able to provide a timely response to emergency care.    

The day of Emergency Medicine is an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of timely and professional responses to life-threatening conditions. By uniting everyone involved in this field through a collective campaign, we aim to highlight the critical role of emergency medicine in saving lives and preserving health. This is how the idea of celebrating the day of Emergency Medicine was born.



The Emergency Medicine Day campaign aims to bring together the world population and decision-makers and raise awareness about emergency medicine and medical care. 

We believe it is important to raise awareness about the need for well-developed, prepared, and organised emergency medical systems worldwide to increase survival and reduce disability after any urgent or emergent medical situation. 

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