Toxicology Section


Toxicology an important field in Emergency Medicine.

Long term objectives of the section

Clinical Toxicology curriculum

To look at the existing curriculum for Emergency Medicine, and make a proposal for adaptation, if needed. We should also provide educational sources for toxicology and/or poisonings. The goal would be to guarantee that every emergency physician has a general knowledge of poisoning. In the future, we could think about an “advanced” curriculum for emergency physicians with a special interest in clinical toxicology.

Stimulate scientific and educational collaborations

Create synergy between members of different sections and committees to establish a research agenda on the EUSEM website and to work on the Curriculum+ to provide free online learning materials about Toxicology.

Stimulate scientific collaboration between EUSEM and EAPCCT

We want to work closely together with the European Association of Poisons Centres and Clinical Toxicologists (EAPCCT). One option could be to set up common guidelines, for example stocking antidotes. Also developing a guideline/recommendation for specific poisoning (target audience = emergency physicians) could be explored.

Explore the interest in an European AHLS course

In many countries an Advanced Hazmat Life Support course is mandatory for a lot of caregivers and governement personnel. Should we implement these courses in Europe, or rather develop an European alternative. This question could be further explored with EAPCCT.

objectives for 2020

Organise a practical and interactive Toxicology e-cours on cyanide poisoning on the EUSEM academy platform

Organise 2 sessions for the 2020 Virtual Congress. A basic and advanced session of three speakers each, with broad and general content.






Join the section

We are looking for members to help fullfilling all our objectives. 

If you would like to join, please drop us a line and tell us a bit about your position and experience and what job you would like to help us with. 

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Section Chair: Kurt Anseeuw

Board Liaison: Marc Sabbe

 Recent activities

Kurt Anseeuw, Chair of the Toxicology section, represented EUSEM in the 2nd EXTRIP (ExtraCorporeal Poisoning Treatment in Workgroup) conference.  

This event is a platform that allows experts in nephrology, clinical toxicology, critical care, pharmacy and methodology from around the world to discuss if hemodialysis can enhance the removal of certain poisons. Hemodialysis and other methods of extracorporeal removal can be then be considered as a possible solution in several poisonings.

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