Next Part B Exam Dates

Winter 2020 Part B exam

20-22 November, 2020

Registration period starts in August 2020.


How to register

Please be sure that you've read the eligibility requirements, regulations and terms and conditions and preparation guidance before you submit your application. In case you have submitted your application but you are not eligible to take the exam a €100 pre-registration cost will be deducted and only the rest of the exam fee will be transferred back to you.

Please create a MYEUSEM profile at this LINK. If you already have a MYEUSEM profile then you just need to log in to your account.

Creating a MYEUSEM profile is free of charge. After profile is created you can log in to your account and click on the 'EBEEM PART B' button and the application process will begin.


Please note: 

Candidates will be entitled to re-apply for the examination for six (6) attempts, each Part A and B, including the first attempt.

The Part B exam should be completed within 4 years of successful Part A completion.


Resit candidates

 Please use the same MyEUSEM profile you used at your previous exam registration.

If you have sat or registered to the Part B exam in the past 12 months you don’t need to re-submit all documents again just copy of medical license. 


 Frequently asked questions

  • The visa letter will be downloadable from your exam application profile after successful payment. We are not sending it via email, it is automatically generated from the system. After payment you can click on the button ‘Download visa letter’.
  • Please note that EUSEM membership only gives discount to members who are working in a European country which is a national society member of EUSEM. For candidates who don’t work in one of these countries no discount is applied. EUSEM membership discount is only applicable if it was purchased before exam registration. No refunds will be made if membership has been purchased later.


FEEDBACK for candidates-nOVEMBER 2019

You can find the feedback on EBEEM part B exam here.


scenarios'  topics for  candidates- winter 2019

  • Causes and management of abnormal temperature in a child
  • Management of major trauma
  • Managing poisoning in the emergency situation
  • Managing critically unwell children
  • Utilisation of laboratory investigations in the emergency department
  • Utilisation of ultrasound in emergency case
  • Disaster management
  • Evaluation of mental health condition