Ultrasound Section

Terms of Reference

The EUSEM Ultrasound Section will work with and under the direction of the EUSEM Executive in achieving the overall aims and objectives of the society.

Role of the Section

The section aims to be truly representative of the scope of Emergency Medicine and more specifically Emergency Ultrasound as practiced in the European Emergency Medicine Community.

All EUSEM members are welcome to become part of the Section.

The general objectives of the section are:

1) Develop a European Curriculum for Emergency Ultrasound

2) Provide a forum for discussion of Emergency Ultrasound in Europe

3) Develop and deliver a specific Basic EUSEM Ultrasound Course

4) Develop specific shorter courses that are of value in EM

5) Develop a Finishing School

6) Increase links with all groups involved in Emergency Ultrasound with the ultimate vision of achieving a unified international training process

7) Develop Ultrasound-based material for the European Exam

8) Assist in the development of US training in countries that as yet do not have structures in place to deliver such training

9) Promote and co-ordinate research throughout Europe in Emergency Ultrasound

The Ultrasound Section will work within the regulations and bylaws of EUSEM. It will send an annual report to the EUSEM Council as well as a plan of activity for the following year.

Objectives for 2020

Collaboration with pre-hospital section and paediatric section to organise specific courses and projects, like the last course in Iasi

Organisation of basic and advanced courses dedicated to organs

Writing Ultrasound Curriculum

Accreditation for courses.

Membership of Section

All members of the Section must be current EUSEM members and annually renew their membership while being a member of the US Section.

In order to represent European Emergency Medicine, the Section will have at least one person from each country that is allied to EUSEM.

All members of the Ultrasound Section will have voting rights in electing a smaller Executive Group. The wider group will be involved in discussions and developments and be encouraged to contribute to all aspects of the areas they have experience in.

Executive Group

This group will consist of at least six members: Chair, Chair-Elect, Treasurer, Research Director, Educational Director and Secretary.

The President of EUSEM will be an ex-officio member.

This group, along with the Chair, will be subject to re-election every three years.



Leto, Riccardo
Raemen, Hannelore


Laursen, Christian,
Posth, Stefan


Breitkreutz, Raoul
Dissman, Patrick
Hogan Barbara (ex-officio/EUSEM President)


Polyzogopoulou, Effie


Cibinel, Gian (Co-Chair)
Cortellaro, Francesca
Parri, Niccolò (Paediatrics)


Borg, Konrad

United Kingdom

Atelsski, Zeki (Curriculum)
Arora, Mohit
Connolly, Jim
Harris, Tim
Michael, Kiuber
Murali, Kalyana
Weerasinghe, Asoka
Żmijewska-Kaczor, Olga


Eis, Doris
Horn, Rudolf
Osterwalder, Joseph
Tabakovic, Senad


Erdenun, Erol
Girisgin, Sadik (Research)
Ucak, Umut,
Özlem, Dikme
Ünlüer, Erol


Golea, Adela

Saudi Arabia

Hariri, Hani (Curriculum)
Pasha, Farooq

United States

Hoffman, Beatrice
Teran, Felipe


Muhr, Christopher


Reitveld, Vincent


Villen, Tomas


Najib, Nasa


Le Conte, Phillipe
Petrovic, Tomii

Requirements to join the Section

It is expected that members of the section:

1) will be fully paid-up members of EUSEM

2) submit a brief CV and evidence of experience/expertise in their field

3) commit to three years as a member of the Section

All members need to be ratified by the EUSEM Executive.


The majority of work will be done by e-working/teleconferencing amongst the membership.

The smaller Executive Group will meet by teleconference quarterly to review progress, or more often at the discretion of the Chair.

Annual meetings of the Executive Group will take place at EUSEM Congress for those present.

Read the minutes of the US meeting in Prague (members only)

Contact Information

If you are interested in applying to join the section, please contact the Chair:

Jim Connolly

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To be accepted into the Section, you will need to be a member of EUSEM. If you are not yet a member, please apply here.


Christoph Dodt, EUSEM Vice-President