eCourse Sepsis: the emergency and prehospital phases of sepsis care

Course set-up
For who
Learning outcomes

Course set-up

EUSEM is proud to announce a series of 3 live webinars to cover the emergency and prehospital phases of sepsis care. Each 2 hour webinar will consist of a series of short, focused, evidence based talks delivered by experts with in depth discussion by attendees and expert panel.

  • In webinar 1 we will focus on Screening for sepsis in ED (Scoring…)
  • Webinar 2 will explore the Sepsis patient management in ED (Care pathway, fluid management…)
  • Finally in webinar 3 we will delve into the Continuous fluid management on the ward/EMU, which will be divided into two topics:
    • Topic 1. Development of an interactive clinical case on sepsis pathways to be used in the webinars and/or to compliment trainings 

    • Topic 2. From ED to general wards: Initial triage; assessment of the patients; sepsis screening tools? Initial screening with an EW score. If Sepsis, initial treatment: fluid perfusion, vasopressor, with Cardiac Output monitoring

Each webinar will be delivered as 5 short talks with detailed discussion between each. All material will be freely available from the EUSEM webpages. The webinars will offer a clear, concise framework to assist you deliver the highest quality care from a wide range of international experts.


The webinars will happen in April, May and June, but the final dates will be communicated at a later stage.

For who: 

Emergency physicists, nurses, paramedics

Learning outcomes:

At the conclusion of the curriculum, the learner will be able to :

  • Screen for sepsis in ED
  • Improve initial treatment of sepsis through Early Goal Directed Therapy in ED
  • Identify and manage acute sepsis deterioration for patients going to the ward
  • Develop staff communication and collaboration between the different departments


The couse will be offered for free


The course will be CME accredited

Our E-courses are supported with an unrestricted educational grant from Baxter Healthcare

Sepsis vector illustration. Labeled infection condition educational scheme. Diagram with anatomical health symptoms and causes explanation. Body's response to bacteria illness and disease collection.