Epidemiology series

Dear members,

Emergency Medicine across Europe shows a considerable variability. Not only in health system model, also in activity. Unfortunately, European health registries concerning Emergency Medicine are not implemented, and only a small number of countries report detailed information of it's Emergency Health Systems. This creates difficulties to compare the individual outcomes between different centres in the same country and between countries.

EUSEM started a new initiative with the title: “The epidemiology series”, which tries to create a common place for emergency medical information sharing.

We are conscious of the difficulties that we are going to face; the access to the proper information sources is not going to be the main obstacle, the key limitation is the lack of universal definitions for the objectives of our description.

We started this for our members to share the actual accessible information and be more comprehensive in their information sharing for the coming years.

This project is part of the strategic communication plan, and the initial proposal is to produce a minimum of two chapters per year, covering relevant aspects of our EMS. The first chapter focuses on emergency medicine activity across Europe and is called Emergency Medicine in numbers.

The designed format is a PDF presentation and a web based reference document.

Your comments to this initiative are welcome.

Please find the first publication in the Emergency Medicine Epidemiology Series.

EM in numbers