Pre-course: Advanced Pediatric Emergency Care (APEC)

Monday 1 October 2012: 08:30 - 17:30

Tuesday 2 October 2012: 08:30 - 17:30

Course Director

  • Yehezkel (Hezi) Waisman, Israel
  • Javier Benito, Spain


  • Patrick Van de Voorde, Belgium
  • Nadeem Qureshi, Saudi Arabia
  • Said H-Idrissi, Belgium


The course is designed for 30 participants (skill stations and case scenarios will be conducted in small groups).  More specifically, it is designed for PEM Physicians, Paediatricans, and Emergency Physicians who provide care for children in emergencies and who want to refine their knowledge and skills in PEM.  

Course description & learning objectives

Background: The APEC course is a development of the Paediatric Section at EuSEM, and will be conducted by its faculty members. At the end of the course participants will be presented with certificates of course completion by EuSEM.

Objectives: To provide physicians participating in the course with both knowledge and advanced skills in recognizing and managing a wide spectrum of paediatric emergencies including trauma, both in the hospital and pre-hospital settings.

General Outline: A two-day course.  
During the morning hours of both days, lectures will be presented on the management of a wide spectrum of paediatric emergencies (including trauma) with emphasis on evidence-based literature. During the afternoon hours of day 1, students will actively participate (hands-on) in advanced skill stations designed to provide knowledge and skills relevant to paediatric emergency medicine. During the afternoon of day 2, students will participate in small group discussions / cases simulations designed to elicit discussion on the clinical management of common paediatric emergencies including trauma. 

A full course agenda is provided below.  


DAY 1    
08:30 Introduction to the APEC course Faculty
08:45 Lecture: An Approach to the Seriously Ill Infant and Child Prof. Said Idrissi
09:15 Lecture: Principles of Pediatric Triage Prof. Yehezkel Waisman
09:45 Lecture: Respiratory Emergencies Dr. Patrick Van de Voorde
10:30 Coffee break 
11:00 Lecture: Status Epilepticus (SE) Dr. Nadeem Qureshi
11:45 Lecture: Fluid Resuscitation in Children Prof. Yehezkel Waisman
12:30 Lunch Break 
  Skill Stations (rotations of small groups) 
14:00 Capnography Dr. Nadeem Qureshi
14:45 Cardioversion & Defibrillation  Prof. Said Idrissi
15:30 Advanced Airway Management      Dr. Patrick Van de Voorde
16:15 PALS Algorithms Prof. Yehezkel Waisman
17:00 Day 1 summary  Faculty
17:30 End of day 1 
DAY 2    
08:30 Introduction to day 2 Faculty
08:45 Lecture: Approach to the Pediatric Multiple Trauma Dr. Patrick Van de Voorde
09:30 Lecture: Cardiovascular Emergencies Prof. Said Idrissi
10:00 Lecture: Diabetic Keto-Acidosis Dr. Nadeem Qureshi
10:30 Coffee break 
11:00 Lecture: Procedural Sedation & Analgesia  Dr. Nadeem Qureshi
11:45 Lecture:  Pediatric Orthopedic Emergencies  Dr. Patrick Van de Voorde
12:30 Lunch Break 
  Case Scenarios (Simulations)  
14:00 Respiratory Cases (2-3)  Dr. Patrick Van de Voorde
14:45 Shock (2-3) Dr. Nadeem Qureshi
15:30 Cardiac Cases & Pediatric Arrhythmias (3)    Prof. Said Idrissi
16:15 Trauma Cases (2-3) Prof. Yehezkel Waisman
17:00 Course Summary Faculty
17:30 End of the pre-course