Help research in paediatric emergency medicine moving forward!

Are you willing to contribute to a valuable study and to help increasing our understanding of children presenting to emergency departments in the time of Covid-19?

This interesting and promising research project, the “EPISODES study” (Principal Investigator: R. Nijman, Imperial College London) has been developed in collaboration with the EUSEM and will look to collect paediatric data from emergency departments from across Europe. It will focus on how the patterns of presenting problems of children in the ED, and how the delivery of emergency care to the paediatric population have been influenced by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

This is a great opportunity for you to participate in an international research group. You will be asked to provide anonymous, retrospective, and aggregated data for your institution and to complete a survey detailing your local health care delivery.

You can find more details and the description of the study here.

Please get in touch for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The study is currently recruiting participating hospitals, with an aim to finalise the data collection this summer.


Thank you for your support!

Thank you so much for supporting the EM-Day Campaign. We got contributions from all corners of the world, which is amazing: even from the southern point of Argentina, Ushuaia, from Australia, Canada, USA, India and many many more. It went beyond our expectation.

Thank you so much and we are counting on you for next year!





Our President-Elect, together with his team* created a wonderful video tribute to all working at the frontlines of the COVID pandemic and especially to the ones who died.

*Jim Connolly, Ian Higgison, Pierre Antoine Boillon, Orchestre Victor Hugo and Ville de Besancon.


EM-Day video 2020

Please check our video for this years EM-Day. It says it all and it is very emotional!

How many pandemics do we need, to make clear that EM should be a specialty all over the world and that we need more doctors, nurses and services 

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