Webinar on demand: The COVID-19 patient needs oxygen.

Watch this practical webinar on the EUSEM Academy:

The Covid-19 patient needs oxygen
Practical tips and experiences from the best experts.

  1. The pre-hospital needs: Just oxygen or something more? Eric Revue (Paris - France)
  2. 2. Quick walking test, Oxygen and early CPAP: what do I do in the ED- Roberto Cosentini, (Bergamo - Italy)
  3. 3. When to intubate? How to ventilate - Erwan L’Her (Brest – France)   

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COVID emphazises the objectives of Emergency Medicine Day


Webinar on demand: Imaging in COVID-19

This is a super interesting, practical and interactive webinar that you can watch whenever, wherever you want.

The topic is the use of Chest Xray, Chest ultrasound and CT scan in COVID–19 covered by the best experts.

Have a look on the EUSEM Academy for the webinar on demand.

The registration is open for the fourth edition of the webinar: The COVID-19 patient needs oxygen. April 23, 16:00 CEST



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