COVID-19 Deployment Opportunity in the African and Eastern Mediterranean regions

Under the coordination of the WHO Emergency Medical Teams, we are looking for mid-senior clinical and IPC experts that are able and willing to take part in short-term deployments in the African and Eastern Mediterranean regions.

Under the coordination of the WHO Emergency Medical Teams, we are doing our part in mitigating the effects of COVID-19 around the world through expertise and training. For this reason, we are looking for mid-senior clinical and IPC experts that are able and willing to take part in short-term deployments (2-4 weeks) in the African and Eastern Mediterranean regions to share their knowledge and experience in further building the healthcare capacity in the target countries. In particular, the ideal profiles have:

  • A university degree in medicine or in nursing from an accredited/recognized institution.
  • Clinical experience in intensive care management and/or management of infectious diseases, emergency medicine, pneumology, pediatric anesthesia.
  • Experience in COVID-19 patient management, triage of respiratory distress patients, transport, treatment protocols, or other relevant COVID-19 expertise.
  • Ability to share their knowledge (an educational/training background is highly desirable).
  • Fluency in English is required, working knowledge of Arabic is an asset, knowledge of any other UN language or any local language may be an asset depending on the country of deployment.

For more information, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Free EM education on the EUSEM Academy

We have turned the EUSEM Academy in a topic based learning tool with thousands of links to free educational material.

The topic tree we use is based on the European EM curriculum, so a very good tool to prepare for the EBEEM exam or any other EM exam.

Click on the Curriculum tab in the main menu to find the content per topic. The links that are categorised under the label "Document Libraries" are free after login. Or take the new toxicology e-course

You can login with your EUSEM account or create a free profile here




E-learning course in cyanide poisoning on the EUSEM Academy

Where there is smoke, there may be cyanide...

The course will focus on basic knowledge of cyanide toxicity due to smoke inhalation. In the second part the acquired knowledge can be applied during some clinical cases and a final quiz will validate your understandings.

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Results board elections 2020

Dear members

During the next General Assembly, the elected Board members will be presented for nomination to the Board. We have 3 positions that will be free and the elections took place from 16 June to 15 July.

The outcome of the voting is as follow:

We congratulate Wilhelm Behringer and Robert Leach with their re-election and Said Laribi with his election to the Board. We thank the 3 elected members for their commitment to the Society.

Wilhelm2 Said2  


Wilhelm Behringer 
146 votes


Said Laribi    
91 Votes



Robert Leach 
104 Votes















We would like to thank Paolo Groff and Basar Cander for standing for election and their willingness to commit to the society.

Paolo Groff 2 Photo 2 BASAR


Paolo Groff 
54 Votes 


Basar Cander
55 Votes

Best wishes



Final report on COVID-19 published

Dear EUSEM Members,

As you know EUSEM organised European update webinars on COVID-19, to help to disseminate essential information and learn from each other. Our respected member Kelly Janssens, together with our president Luis Castrillo worked on final reports from each webinar to analyse and compare data. Now the 4th report is available on the EUSEM Academy with insights in exit strategies and daily measures from Europe, Canada and USA.

Section 1. Overview and strategy survey: Pan- European perspectives
Section 2. General situation of pandemic in each country
Section 3. Hospital situation: ED and ICU
Section 4. Strategic implications for ED and Hospital Management
Section 5. Other lessons learned: Therapy, innovation, public health implications

A very interesting must read for every health care professional!