Join the Global Campaign Against ED Overcrowding

The current state of over-crowding experienced at hospital Emergency Departments in many nations globally is an unacceptable and preventable threat to patient safety which must be immediately addressed.

What are typical causes?

  1. High numbers of patients coming to the ED (often the right alternative options do not exist or they fail to meet the demand for urgent, non-emergency healthcare)
  2. Insufficient supplies, staff or efficient process within the ED
  3. Too few hospital beds ready to receive ED patients so ED becomes gridlocked because patients are blocked from leaving the ED

Delays in transferring patients out of the ED is the most common problem. Sometimes all three factors are causing the problem. 

The aim of this campaign is to get greater awareness and demand immediate solutions. Some countries are in crisis. It is time for action.  

On the dedicated campaign website created by IFEM, you can find a campaign toolkit to help spread the message.

It contains, a position statement, a press-release, posters and tools for social posts. The campaign is directed to an external Non-EM audience.

Share widely with your general public, local journalists, local health policymakers and politicians, and through your social media channels. 

Connect and share with all organizations and people who play a role in achieving change. 

All questions about the campaign can be addressed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

 #NoMoreLivesLostWaiting and #ResetEmergencyCare 


Call for Chair of the EUSEM Congress Organising Committee

Patrick ECOC chair

Deadline: 23 December 2022

We are looking for a volunteer to lead ECOC, for upcoming European Emergency Medicine Congresses (EUSEM Congress) in 2024-2027.

ECOC Chair

The ECOC chair must be an active member of EUSEM in good standing.

Terms of Reference
Purpose of ECOC
Reporting lines
Members & roles of ECOC

The ECOC Chair is responsible for:

  • Together with the EUSEM Office, the Conference Organiser and the EUSEM Board, maintaining oversight of the budget for the congress and ensuring that the congress does not operate at a loss.
  • Convening ECOC meetings and ensuring that appropriate records and actions are maintained and circulated.
  • Leading the ECOC in supporting the SCOC (Scientific Organising Committee), EUSEM Office and Conference Organiser in the practical delivery of EUSEM Congresses.
  • Preparing reports for the EUSEM Board on the congress and overseeing evaluation of feedback from congress participants.
  • Liaising with partnering societies (e.g. EUSEN) to develop activities
  • Overseeing the Opening and Closing Ceremonies

If you would like to apply for this position, please send your CV and one page document outlining your interest in the position to Ms Davi Kaur,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Terms of Reference for European Emergency Medicine Congress (EUSEM Congress)

The European Emergency Medicine Congress (EUSEM Congress) is the largest annual congress in Europe for Emergency Medicine and the main dissemination platform of EUSEM. It is a core activity of the Society and is coordinated by the EUSEM Congress Organising Committee under the supervision of the EUSEM Board.

Purpose of ECOC

To act as a strategic and operational body to plan and implement the annual Congress on behalf of the EUSEM, with responsibilities including:

  • Oversight of the congress budget
  • Management of the professional conference organizer
  • Oversight of the congress sub-committees
  • High-level relationships with external organizations (industry, policy-makers, other societies) in relation to congress
  • Strategic management of ECOC

Reporting lines

ECOC will report to the EUSEM Board.

Reporting occurs through meeting minutes, and by presentations from the ECOC Chair, who will attend Board meetings Ex-Officio.

ECOC has two sub committees:

  • Scientific Congress Organizing Committee (SCOC)
  • Abstract committee

These will report to ECOC. Reporting occurs monthly, via meeting minutes and by oral/written reports from the Chairs at ECOC meetings.


  • ECOC will meet at least once in person during the annual congress
  • ECOC will meet virtually monthly on average (frequency may vary during the year), The Chair will approve the agenda of all meetings and it will be circulated to members at least 5 days prior to the meetings.
  • The minutes of meetings will be recorded, circulated and formally agreed via email.

Membership and roles of ECOC

Membership will include the following:

  • Chair
  • SCOC Chair
  • Abstract Chair
  • EUSEM President
  • Industry Liaison Officer
  • Treasurer
  • CEO of EUSEM
  • Representative of the Local National Society
  • Representative of the EUSEN
  • Representative of YEMD section
  • Congress Communication Officer

In addition, the following will be invited to attend ECOC meetings but will not have a vote:

  • EUSEM staff responsible for the congress
  • Representative of the conference organizer

All Chairs will be appointed by the EUSEM Board.

Unless otherwise agreed, nominated members commit themselves to serve on the ECOC for a term of up to 3 years, with the possibility to extend it by an additional term of up to 2 years.


  • To maintain and develop the Congress as the major annual meeting in Europe on Emergency Medicine and the major dissemination platform for EUSEM.
  • To share and exchange best clinical practice in Emergency Medicine.
  • To deliver the best scientific research data to the EM community.
  • To ensure that the Congress is self-sustaining and does not operate at a loss.
  • To guarantee the practical delivery of the congress by the Congress Organizer, SCOC and Abstract committees.
  • To ensure that the congress is representative of, inclusive and accessible to Emergency Medicine specialists and related communities (including academic, industrial, policy, outreach and education) across Europe, in terms of topical interest, cost and geographical location.


Become ambassador of EM Education: Refresher Courses

The Young Emergency Medicine Doctors Section of the European Society for Emergency Medicine, in collaboration with the Italian Emergency Medicine Trainees Association (CoSMEU) delivered a great course about Resuscitation in the ED.

You can be an ambassador of EM Education too and host a course for young doctors, by young doctors. If you are interested in doing this please let us know through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Become a EUSEM member

EUSEM is working very hard with the help of our members to lift the level of education and research in EM to a higher level. If you want to join our community and help developing courses, webinars, research and more, have a look at our members brochure and be convinced that you can make a valuable contribution to the EM specialty.

Read the brochure


Advantages of having the EBEEM certificate

Please find the digital format of our EBEEM brochure, which explains to you in short the advantages of having the EBEEM certificate in your pocket. For more information you can check the more extensive webpages under

Next virtual Part A exam will take place on March 10, registration opens 15 December. More important dates for 2023 you can find in the brochure.