Call for Co-Chair of the Young Emergency Medicine Doctors section (YEMD)

The YEMD is a very important section within EUSEM. Young doctors are the future and therefore the opinion of YEMD and their projects have a lot of impact on the evolvement of the specialty.
Do you aspire to contribute to the development of EM in Europe and help to organize educational events, manage social media, and assist the chair with administrative tasks. Then this might be the position for you. For the eligibility criteria and the full list of responsibilities please have a look at the description. The position is for 2 years. In return you will receive a free Congress registration after successful completion of your term.

Please have a look at the eligibility criteria.

If you are interested, please submit your CV and a motivational letter according to the templates to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Motivation letter template
CV template

Your motivational letter will be presented to the voters on a members-only webpage. 

The application deadline is 25 September.  


EBEEM exam dates 2023 available

The exam diets for 2023 are set. Especially for Part B it's important to save registration date in your agenda, since the seats are limited. Registration should always go through your MyEUSEM account, so just login here: and look for the registration button.

Part A: Friday 10 March:

Registration opens 15 December 2022 till 31 January 2023

Part B: Fri-Sun 23-25 June

Registration opens 1 April till 23 April 2023

Part A: Friday 8 September

Registration opens 1 July till 26 July 2023

Part B: Fri-Sun 17-19 November 

Registration opens 1 September till 21 September 2023


Education update

EM-Monthly webinars, Refresher Course, Leadership Course, Pre-Courses, Elearning modules, 

One of the main focuses of EUSEM is Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development. We have been actively developing numerous activities. Please find the latest Educational Update with our courses and webinars that you can join and share with your peers, trainees and colleagues to keep your knowledge in EM up to date.





Serving in Ukraine

Our respected and very engaged EUSEM member Kasia Hampton is helping in Ukraine in any way she can. The two projects below need help with several materials and vehicles. Please have a look at the lists and see if you can help in any way.

1. In-hospital (Khmelnytsky, more peaceful area)

I am a volunteer with Khmelnytsky City Children’s Hospital. An amazing hospital, totally underfunded and under-resourced, but with a very dedicated team. They do their best with what they have and they are super eager to learn more. We are working on their POCUS skills, since they don’t have a CT scan or MRI in house. So great ultrasound skills are vital in their case. They also don’t have a few other very useful things. With that I was hoping you could help us find some things, even used but still usable:

    • C-Mac videolaryngoscope with reusable blades of different sizes (or equivalent);
    • Reusable flexible fiberoptic laryngoscope;
    • Cart-based, laptop type ultrasound devices; 
    • Sterile sleeves with sterile gel for ultrasound-guided central venous access and other sterile procedures;
    • Mucosal atomization devices for intranasal medication delivery;
    • EZ-IO drills and needles (or an equivalent system)

2. Pre-hospital (Kharkiv, hot zone)

My second project is entirely prehospital and it consists of assisting a team from Kharkiv in trying to build out their TacMed Evacuation capability. Here we are looking for the following items:

    • 4-wheel drive vehicles, used ones of course - buying new ones is pointless in this area, that can be repurposed as tactical medical evacuation vehicles. This requires them to have a way to place the patient in supine position. Classic ambulances are out of question, because they are being targeted and shot at. We have actually even thought of funeral cars, in the hope of distracting the Russian invaders
    • Basic ambulance equipment such as monitoring devices, oxygen tanks, and all the consumables (syringes, IVs, etc)
    • Lightweight-evacuation stretchers, soft stretchers in dark, poorly visible colors
    • They also need an ongoing supply of TacMed supplies such as tourniquets, combat gauze, chest seals, needles for PTX drainage, bandages and alike. 

You can respond to via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


YEMD Refresher Course: resuscitation in the ED


This refresher course is taking place from 29 November till 1 December in Milan. The programme is developed by and for young doctors working in the ED (<36 years) and EM trainees. A small selection from the workshops:

  • Airway management in critically ill patient
  • Human factors and Group Dynamics
  • Procedural Boot Camp

This is a great way to meet and learn from your international peers. 

Check the webpage to find all the details on the programme and registration.



Fellowship Programme Lead wanted!

The Young Doctors section of EUSEM is calling for elections for the position of Fellowship Programme Lead.

The young doctors Fellowship programme is meant to offer traineeships in different formats, all over Europe to be able to learn, exchange ideas and relate to your European peers. The YEMD section has been busy with the development of a Fellowship Programme for a couple of years now. The pandemic had put everything to a hold. Now we are looking for a new Lead to continue where we left off.  

Please look at this document describing eligibility and responsibilities. After successful completion you will receive a free registration to the EUSEM Congress in the following year.

If you are up for it, please fill in these 2 templates and send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Motivation letter

Curriculum Vitae

The submission deadline is August 12!!