Pre-course: Airway workshop

Sunday 2 October: 08:00 - 12:00

Course Director

  • Sabine Merz (Germany)


  • Christian Hohenstein (Germany)
  • Chris Nickson (Australia)


The course is designed for 20 participants (skill stations and case scenarios will be conducted in small groups).

Course description & learning objectives

Airway Management is a major topic in the Emergency Department. Anesthesiologists are not always available; therefore each member of the ED needs to be able to perform Airway Management. To secure the airway of a patient, it is necessary to know the different devices and techniques and also to consider, that the algorithm is different to the familiar pre-hospital and OR airway algorithm.

In this course, participants will learn about basic and difficult Airway Management. Furthermore, the technique of anaesthetization will be taught.

All participants will be able to train the different techniques and devices on intubation trainers. 


Lecture Dr. Christian Hohenstein (first hour):
-        Oxygenation of the patient
-        Induction of Anesthesia
-        Intubation of the emergency patient in the trauma room  (plan A)
-        Research update

Lecture Dr. Sabine Merz (second hour):
-        Specifics of airway management in the Emergency Department
-        Recognizing difficult airways
-        Explanation of  techniques & description of devices for Airway Management (plan B)
-        Verification of tube position

Workstations on Trainers (third and fourth hour):        
- Direct and indirect laryngoscopy
- Intubation with the flexible intubation endoscope with and without additional tools
- Supraglottic devices
- Surgical Airways