Pre-Course: Acute Pain Management

Sunday 2 October: 08:30 - 12:30

Course Director

  • Fabio De Iaco (Italy)


  • Gregor Prosen (Slovenia)

Why register?

Acute pain is the least common denominator of many emergencies: the management of acute pain is a mandatory competence of each Emergency Physician.

The first edition of the Acute Pain Management course will cover the main topics regarding a correct and effective analgesia in the emergency setting: we’ll move from a crucial “dogmalysis”, criticizing habits and myths about pain, and discuss the relationship between acute pain and the practice of Emergency Medicine, between acute and chronic pain, between analgesia and outcome.

We’ll centre our attention on the patient – critical, pediatric, elderly, frail – presenting true and common cases and supplying evidences and suggestions with the aim of optimizing our efficacy on pain.

We’ll discuss the pharmacology of pain-killers – from mild to severe pain – with a special attention for the correct and safe use of opiates and sedatives. We’ll deal with old and new options of treatment (from acetaminophen to nitrous oxide and ketamine) and with different routes of administration.

We have two main objectives:

  •  To lead the clinician toward choices that must be mindful, appropriate and effective,
  • To create a patient-centred environment also in the Emergency setting,

because we believe that the best quality of care is the best possible experience for the patient.

Looking forward to meet you in Vienna!


08:30 Why are we here?
The relationship between acute pain and the practice of Emergency Medicine
09:15 The patient in moderate pain
Acetaminophen and NSAIDS: not the same drug!
09:45 “Hey Doc, three casualties by motor accident!”
Traumatic severe pain, critical patients and the correct use of opiates and ketamine
10:30 Coffee break  
10:45 To treat or to diagnose? Or both?
Acute abdominal pain
11:00 I can’t tolerate a kid in pain!
Paediatric severe pain: drugs and routes of administration
11:30 Grandma is out of her mind…
Acute pain in the elderly
11:45 Cancer patients? Not a problem… or not?
Palliative care and end of life in the ED
12:15 Non-pharmacologic treatment, communication and empathy, procedural sedation and more…
What we didn’t tell about…