Pre-course: Ultrasound Advanced

Saturday 1 October 8:00-18:00
Sunday 2 October 8:30-12:15

Course Director

Chris Muhr (Sweden), Mike Lambert (USA)


Hamid Almadi (Saudi Arabia), Zeki Atelsi (UK), Katie Burns (USA), Jerry Chiricollo (USA), Jim Connolly (UK), Peter Croft (USA), Rip Gangahar (UK), Hani Hariri (Saudi Arabia), Beatrice Hoffman (USA), Mike Lambert (USA), Dave Mc Kenzie (USA), Chris Muhr (Sweden), Najib Nasrallah (Israel), Gunnar Olaffson (Iceland/UK), Joseph Osterwalder (Switzerland), Nils Overland (Norway), Farooq Pasha (Saudi Arabia), Gregor Prossen (Slovenia), Hannelore Raemen (Belgium), Chris Rao (USA), Arthur Rosendall (The Netherlands), Jesse Schafer (USA), Titus Schoenberger (The Netherlands), Prem Sukul (The Netherlands), Philip Verdonck (Belgium), Jeremy Walwarth (USA), Darryl Wood (South Africa/UK), Jo Wood (USA)


60 physicians in 12 groups.


You will get most out of this course if you have already completed a basic US course and have some experience. Resuscitation courses like ALS/ACLS/ATLS certification would be useful recommended.

Learning Objectives

  • The Major aim is to developing a clear US approach to critical illness
  • Advanced sessions to develop your US practice from head to toe led by international experts.
  • Interactive sessions to integrate US effectively in to resuscitation
  • Planning your future training


DAY 1    
08:00 Welcome / Introductions  
08:30 Critical US beyond Basics  
09:30 Practical Session  
10:10 Coffee break  
10:30 Advanced Cardiac  
11:00 Practical Advanced Cardiac Scanning - 2 sessions of 45 minutes  
12:30  Lunch  
13:25  Introduction to afternoon session  
    Choose 4 options from the list below
  • Advanced Procedures
  • Physics and knobology - beyond basic
  • Setting up a programme
  • Hepato-Renal Scanning
  • Gastro Intestinal
  • Small Parts (including eye)
  • Free scanning with an expert
  • Gynaecology (Trans Abdominal)
  • Paediatric
  • Musculo Skeletal scanning
  • Cranial Scanning
  • DVT
   Coffee break at 14:50  
16:40 Fluid Status : Is the IVC old news?  
17:10 Practical Session   
17:40 What is out there on social media??  
17:55 Wrap up day 1  
DAY 2    
08:00 Interactive Session  
08:30 All participants will rotate on the following stations:  
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Interactive Shock Cases
11:00 Interactive Session : EuSEM US education in perspective  
11:50 Developing Practice  
12:15 End of pre-course