EUSEM actions for Ukraine

EUSEM joins the WHO academy initiative to develop training videos for Ukrainian doctors

Good morning, everyone, and thank you for joining this important meeting in support of #ukraine and our Ukrainian friends

This tragedy we are living in #ukraine and Europe today is beyond anything we would have imagined. This tragedy is leaving millions on the roads far away from their homes. People are being killed, children are being murdered or are becoming orphans.
This is not acceptable!

We at EUSEM firmly condemn all military actions and especially the killing of civilians; I would like to reiterate EUSEM full support to #ukraine and Ukrainian people on behalf the EuSEM family and the Emergency Medicine community all over Europe.

We call for immediate ending of all military operations and go back to discussions and negotiations, only diplomacy have a power of solving conflicts and problems. War has never been a long-lasting solution to any conflict.

Dear Vitaly, Dear Marija, EUSEM family is supporting you. We are meeting today with World Health Organisation through WHO ACADEMY to discuss how to reinforce the capacity of healthcare workers to deal with mass casualties and displaced people in #ukraine but also in all the border countries that will take part in the rescue and relief actions, by providing them remote training. I want to thank WHO Academy for this initiative. 

President, EUSEM