E-learning course in cyanide poisoning on the EUSEM Academy

Where there is smoke, there may be cyanide...

The course will focus on basic knowledge of cyanide toxicity due to smoke inhalation. In the second part the acquired knowledge can be applied during some clinical cases and a final quiz will validate your understandings.

You can log in with your EUSEM credentials on https://academy.eusem.org or create a free EUSEM profile first on https://eusem.org/register



Open section & committee meetings

You can join the open Section and Committee meetings to get familiar with their activities and get more involved in EUSEM.

The meetings will address their current activities and plans for the future, so get on board!

SAT Sept 19 - Pre-hospital Section meeting

12:30-13:30 zoom link

MON Sept 21 - Paediatric Section meeting

13:00-14:00 zoom link

MON Sept 21 - Education Committee meeting

19:15-20:15 zoom link

WED Sept 23 - Digital EM Workgroup

10:00-12:00 zoom link