An update on botulism : from community toxi-infection to warfare agent threat

The webinar will cover the clinical presentation, management, and the mechanisms involved in botulism toxicity. It will provide a comprehensive understanding of the condition and how to manage it effectively. If you're interested in learning about the complexities of botulism, this webinar is a great opportunity to gain valuable insights. Moderated by Dr. Bruno Mégarbane and Dr. Kurt Anseeuw.

 This webinar will cover the following presentation and will end with a Q & A session. 

Sub-topic 1

1) Food-related botulism: Clinical presentation, diagnosis and management.

Speaker: Dr. Davide Lonatti, Servizio di Tossicologia, Centro Antiveleni di Pavia - Centro Nazionale di Informazione Tossicologica, Pavia, Italy


To describe the presentation and management of the typical Food-related botulism.

Sub-topic 2

Recent developments on botulinum neurotoxins: identification and therapeutic perspectives.


To explain the mechanisms of toxicity of the various botulinum neurotoxins and how to identify the involved toxins.

Prof. Michel R. Popoff, Pasteur Institute, Paris Cité University, Bacterian toxin unit, Paris, France

Sub-topic 3

Botulinum toxin as a biological warfare agent: Expected toxicity and countermeasures.


To describe the possible use of botulinum toxin as warfare agent.

Prof. Miroslav Pohanka, Military Faculty of Medicine, University of Defence, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

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