PC 6: EUSEM leadership course in cooperation with IEDLI and RCEM

Course Directors & Faculty

  • J. Stroobants (Belgium)
  • B. Hogan (Germany, EUSEM)
  • P. Anderson (IEDLI)
  • T. Hassan (UK, RCEM)
  • R. Arafat (Romania)
  • R. Leach (Belgium)
  • J. Heyworth (UK)
  • R. Petrino (Italy)
  • I. Higginson
  • C. Moulton
  • D. Chung
  • R. Leto (Belgium)
  • S. Kayden (IEDLI)
  • L. Lobon (IEDLI)


The course is designed for 30 participants. It will be organised in 5 small groups of 6 persons.

Course description & learning objectives

This workshop has been developed and presented jointly by EUSEM (EUSEM Professional Committee), the International Emergency Department Leadership Institute (IEDLI) and the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM). 

The goal of the workshop is to teach leadership skills that are relevant for current ED leaders and directors, individuals who have mid-level leadership roles, and individuals who are interested in taking on leadership roles. 

The workshop will be a seminar-style format that will focus on 4 topics. Each topic will include some interactive presentation of content by the faculty followed by activity in small groups in which the participants will interact with each other and the faculty to analyse data, work through challenges, develop plans. 


Saturday 12 October

08:30-08:45 Welcome words EUSEM, RCEM, IEDLI  L. Garcia Castrillo, T. Hassan, P. Anderson
08:45-09:00 Course introduction    J. Stroobants
09:00-09:15 Module 1 - Introductory lecture

Team building 

 B. Hogan

Module 1 - Individual working groups

   R. Arafat, J. Stroobants, R. Leach, J. Heyworth, R. Petrino, I. Higginson, B.   Hogan
10:30-11:00 Coffee break    
11:00-11:15 Module 2  - Introductory lecture  

Caring for Self, Team, Vision

 T. Hassan 
11:15-12:30 Module 2 - Individual working groups    T. Hassan, C. Moulton, D. Chung, and Prof. Com. members

Lunch break

13:30-13:45 Module 3 - Introductory lecture Negotiations  J. Stroobants

Module 3 - Individual working groups

   J. Stroobants, R. Arafat, R. Leach, J. Heyworth, R. Petrino, R. Leto, I. Higginson, B. Hogan
15:00-15:30  Coffee break    
15:30-15:45 Module 4 - Introductory lecture  Difficult conversation, dealing with the media   P. Anderson, S. Kayden, L. Lobon

Module 4 - Individual working groups

   P. Anderson, S. Kayden, L. Lobon

Summary, wrap up

   J. Stroobants, T. Hassan, P. Anderson