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pdf 3 cases with bradycardia diagnosed ciguatera Download (pdf, 430 KB)
pdf ?Early prediction of†mortality based on predisposition, qSOFA and renal function in patients admitted to the Emergency Department with a diagnosis of pneumonia: a prospective study? Download (pdf, 480 KB)
pdf ?Fluid challenge in spontaneous breathing unstable hypotensive patients: Can aortic Velocity Integral Time (VTI) guide fluid therapy and have prognostic value in the Emergency Department? A prospective pilot study? Download (pdf, 268 KB)
pdf ?Signed and stamped?: ECG sign-off in the emergency department Download (pdf, 935 KB)
pdf A bariatric intervention went the wrong direction. Download (pdf, 464 KB)
pdf A case of air in the wrong place in the gastrointerstinal tract Download (pdf, 446 KB)
pdf A case of Collet Sicard Syndrome Download (pdf, 278 KB)
pdf A case of dyspnea after femur fracture Download (pdf, 411 KB)
pdf A case of headache and Horner syndrome in the Emergency room Download (pdf, 486 KB)
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pdf A case of pleural tuberculosis. Download (pdf, 129 KB)
pdf A case of severe avian influenza A (H7N9) complicated with disseminated cryptococcal infection Download (pdf, 285 KB)
pdf A Case of Wernicke Korsakoff Syndrome at Portiuncula University Hospital Download (pdf, 308 KB)
pdf A case of wunderlich syndrome, uncommon condition with atypical presentation Download (pdf, 449 KB)
pdf A case report of acute abdominal pain with thrombocytosis and splenomegaly Download (pdf, 474 KB)
pdf A case report of intestinal tapeworms. Taenia solium versus saginata. Download (pdf, 446 KB)
pdf A case series on vasoactive drugs via peripheral venous access for management of shock in the emergency room Download (pdf, 702 KB)
pdf A choking screw. A rare cause of dysphagia Download (pdf, 475 KB)
pdf A cigar please! Download (pdf, 115 KB)
pdf A comparison of the SOFA quick score (qSOFA) and a local triage score to predict the mortality of septic patients Download (pdf, 375 KB)
pdf A cross-sectional survey among asylum seekers with non-urgent complaints: Why do they seek help in the ED? Download (pdf, 253 KB)
pdf A drink in time !!!! Download (pdf, 121 KB)
pdf A fatal complication of cerebral embolism secondary to endoscopic therapy with argon plasma coagulation for esophageal varices Download (pdf, 344 KB)
pdf A forgotten social and health problem; corrosive ingestion in children Download (pdf, 345 KB)
pdf A load of hot air: A case of traumatic paediatric airway injury Download (pdf, 523 KB)
pdf A malaria case in a Romanian ED - an extremely rare encounter Download (pdf, 327 KB)
pdf A misleading presentation of severe acute surgical abdomen revealing a case of fatal acute myocarditis: a case report Download (pdf, 631 KB)
pdf A misleading presentation of severe acute surgical abdomen revealing a tamponade Download (pdf, 622 KB)
pdf A New Model Of Streaming, Urgent Care and Minor Injuries See & Treat In The Emergency Department Download (pdf, 236 KB)
pdf A novel ?old' approach to CAMH's Download (pdf, 401 KB)
pdf A particular case of dyspnea Download (pdf, 335 KB)
pdf A peculiar presentation of chronic lymphocytic leukemia: a case of fasciitis Download (pdf, 504 KB)
pdf A point-of-care ultrasound in time saves to the emergency physician an unnecessary derivation to the orthopedic traumatologist Download (pdf, 293 KB)
pdf A prediction model for mild traumatic brain injury using prehospital variables Download (pdf, 263 KB)
pdf A primer for a Tuscany stroke registry: looking back to go straight to the target Download (pdf, 629 KB)
pdf A profile of toxicological management on poisoned patients: 53-month experience of medical toxicology consultation services in Bangkok, Thailand Download (pdf, 352 KB)
pdf A prospective study of lactate, lactate clearance and Glasgow-Blatchford score for prediction of adverse outcomes in patients with upper gastrointestinal bleeding Download (pdf, 408 KB)
pdf A qualitative exploration of the factors influencing patient flow in an emergency department Download (pdf, 604 KB)
pdf A rare case of biliary ileus and a review of literature Download (pdf, 549 KB)
pdf A Rare Case of Emergency Department Presentation of Sodium Hypochlorite Injury during Routine Root Canal Treatment Download (pdf, 368 KB)
pdf A Rare Case of Hand Weakness in the Emergency Department Download (pdf, 2.09 MB)
pdf A rare case of intra abdominal bleeding:spontaneous rupture of superior mesenteric artery pseudoaneurysm Download (pdf, 450 KB)
pdf A rare cause of acute abdominal pain: concomitant spontaneous isolated dissection of celiac and superior mesenteric artery Download (pdf, 415 KB)
pdf A rare cause of corrosive agent poisoning: Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide (MEKP) Download (pdf, 334 KB)
pdf A Rare Manifestation of a Common Disease Download (pdf, 235 KB)
pdf A rare manifestation of subarachnoid hemorrhage: Case report Download (pdf, 380 KB)
pdf A retrospective analysis of tranexamic acid administration in the major trauma population conveyed to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow. Download (pdf, 462 KB)