Results board elections 2021

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Our society is pleased to announce the results of the 2021 elections for president-elect and vice-president of EUSEM. 

Dr. Jim Connolly was elected President-Elect, and Prof. Christoph Dodt was elected Vice-President. 

We congratulate Jim and Christoph, and we would like to thank Prof. Başar Cander and  Dr. Başak Yilmaz for standing for the elections and their continuous commitment to EUSEM.

Click here to see the full results of the elections.

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election 2021 Dodt  


Dr. Jim Connolly  




Prof. Christoph Dodt




YEMD survey on EUSEM endorsed EM Curriculum

This survey is addressed to all Emergency Medicine (EM) trainees undergoing a residency program in a European country (EU, UK and Turkey). The aim of this survey is to identify areas in which EUSEM could encourage improvement, according to the EM curriculum. It therefore asks what your current educational opportunities are, as well as asking you what you think would be beneficial for further development of the EUSEM endorsed EM curriculum.
Please take this survey if you currently are an EM trainee or you are a young EM specialist under the age of 35, who has finished a residency program within a European country.