IFEM Committees - spill June 2019

Dear Committee Members,

I am writing regarding the forthcoming spill of IFEM Committee membership.  Current tenure will expire in June 2019 and on behalf of the Executive and Board, I would like to thank you for your contribution to IFEM’s work over the past two years!  

Please advise the Secretariat if you do not wish to re-apply to serve on a particular Committee.   Those wishing to continue their involvement on the same or an alternate committee will need to submit an expression of interest.

Expressions of interest (self-nominations) will be referred to the Committee Chair, with recommendations being considered by the IFEM Executive in April 2019.  The newly constituted Committees will meet at the next round of face to face meetings, (most of which will be held on Tuesday 11th June 2019), during the International Conference on Emergency Medicine in Seoul, Korea. 

Nominations can be submitted either by IFEM’s member organizations or via self-nomination.  A separate call for expressions of interest has been circulated to Presidents of IFEM member organizations.

Self- nominations should be submitted to the IFEM Secretariat by an individual member of a Member organisation, using the online form or via the Website.     

Eligibility:  Nominees must be a member of good standing of an IFEM member organisation. 

Committees will be constituted with attention to the following criteria:

-          Regional representation.

-          Gender diversity.

-          Content expertise.

-          Leadership potential.

Committees are a very important part of IFEM, and a rewarding avenue to connect with international colleagues and contribute to emergency medicine development around the world.

Expressions of interest must be received by the IFEM Secretariat no later than 1st March 2019.  


  1. J. Ducharme


International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM)

Emergency Medicine Day


The Emergency Medicine Day-working group has launched a website to promote 27 of May as Emergency Medicine Day.

The purpose of this day is to create awareness on the importance of Emergency Medicine Care. Emergency Medicine Care should be available for everyone and everywhere. 

Visit the new website www.emergencymedicine-day.org and see how you can support this initiative.