Join the Global Campaign Against ED Overcrowding

The current state of over-crowding experienced at hospital Emergency Departments in many nations globally is an unacceptable and preventable threat to patient safety which must be immediately addressed.

What are typical causes?

  1. High numbers of patients coming to the ED (often the right alternative options do not exist or they fail to meet the demand for urgent, non-emergency healthcare)
  2. Insufficient supplies, staff or efficient process within the ED
  3. Too few hospital beds ready to receive ED patients so ED becomes gridlocked because patients are blocked from leaving the ED

Delays in transferring patients out of the ED is the most common problem. Sometimes all three factors are causing the problem. 

The aim of this campaign is to get greater awareness and demand immediate solutions. Some countries are in crisis. It is time for action.  

On the dedicated campaign website created by IFEM, you can find a campaign toolkit to help spread the message.

It contains, a position statement, a press-release, posters and tools for social posts. The campaign is directed to an external Non-EM audience.

Share widely with your general public, local journalists, local health policymakers and politicians, and through your social media channels. 

Connect and share with all organizations and people who play a role in achieving change. 

All questions about the campaign can be addressed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

 #NoMoreLivesLostWaiting and #ResetEmergencyCare