SAYSO – Standardization of situational Awareness sYstems to Strengthen Operations in civil protection_Survey

SAYSO is an Horizon 2020 project that was launched in May 2017 and that focuses on tackling the challenges met by practitioners and emergency responders during cross-border and multi-stakeholder civil protection operations. SAYSO’s main objective is to allow EU civil protection practitioners to procure, at a competitive price, innovative situational awareness systems matching their needs in the nearest possible future.

SAYSO has now released a questionnaire that is addressed to European civil protection practitioners and emergency responders and covers areas such as the tools and systems they use, the functions and tools they would like to have, their opinions on various functionalities and systems, etc. SAYSO will derive operational requirements from the needs identified in the survey. These requirements will help SAYSO shape the specification of future, innovative Situational Awareness of systems and tools that will fit the needs of practitioners, in particular during cross-border operations. The development of such tools and systems will involve suppliers, public procurement authorities and policy makers.

Our survey ends on 30/09/2018. We would really like to receive the contributions and thoughts of the EUSEM members by then. 




This is in fact our second survey. You may find a summary of results of our first survey conducted in 2017 on :

Please also pass on our link to your colleagues, in particular, those from Southern or Eastern Europe:

For more information on SAYSO, please check out the following:

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