EFMI and EUSEM cooperate to advance the digital transformation of Emergency Departments

Press Release

EFMI and EUSEM cooperate to advance the digital transformation of Emergency Departments

EUSEM (European Society of Emergency Medicine) and EFMI (European Federation Medical Informatics), signed an agreement to collaborate on research and education and advance the digital transformation of emergency departments throughout Europe.

EUSEM and EFMI plan to create recommendations and education tools for the application of information technologies in Emergency Medicine Systems. Starting point, will be a minimum data set for emergency departments. Joint work will address IT tools and standards and will focus on the definition and format for capturing the Chief Complaint in an Emergency departments.  Part of the collaborative effort is a feasibility study that will engage EDs, EMSs, and industry throughout Europe as well as educational material that will enrich current curricula and is expected to drive implementation of the recommendations.

Luis Garcia-Castrillo Riesgo, president of EUSEM welcomed the signature noting that: “Educational and research activities done in collaboration with multiple partners have better outcomes and savings in manpower, time and economic efforts.” Lacramioara Stoicu-Tivadar, president of EFMI, said “that is an important step for EFMI as it supports the long term goal of EFMI to engage in close cooperation with health professional societies.”

The European Society for Emergency Medicine (EUSEM -https://eusem.org/) is a non-profit making scientific organization with an aim to promote and foster the concept, the philosophy and the art of Emergency Medicine throughout Europe. The main objective of EUSEM is to help and support European countries to implement the specialty of Emergency Medicine.  Born as a society of individuals in 1994 from a multidisciplinary group of experts in Emergency Medicine, since 2005 EUSEM also incorporates national society members. There are currently 36 European national societies of Emergency Medicine.

The European Federation of Medical Informatics (EFMI www.efmi.org) is an non profit association established in Switzerland in 1976 with federated structure and members in 32 countries in European region with the aim to advance the theory and practice of medical informatics. EFMI strives to advance research and development in medical informatics and encourage high standards in education as well as in the practice of medical informatics. EFMI also disseminates knowledge in the field developed within national associations among and to the countries constituting EFMI and provides guidelines and accreditation on education and training in Biomedical Informatics and Health Informatics, as it functions as the autonomous European Regional Council of the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA).

Brussels 24-January-2019