Pre-course: Pre-hospital research

Saturday 10 October: 8:30 - 17:00



The workshop on pre-hospital research is directed by Falck Foundation, and the aim is to improve the research application skills of the participant. The workshop focuses on pre-hospital research, and the distinctive features that makes this field of research especially difficult.


Research in the prehospital domain of emergency medicine in scarce. It is well-known that such research is difficult to prepare, execute and publish in high impact journals. At the same time, such prehospital research is needed to further improve the quality and effectively of current pre-hospital treatments.


The pre-conference workshop on prehospital research aims at gathering practitioners seeking to improve their scientific research skills and in this way are able to contribute to improved pre-hospital emergency health care.


After introductory presentations by experts with experiences in prehospital research, the participants of the workshop will be separated in distinct groups. Each group has 3 hours to prepare a new research proposal in prehospital research. Tutors will guide the participants and make critical comments. The research proposal will be presented and discussed in a plenary session. The goal of the interactive workshop is to learn the most important elements that contribute to good quality and successful prehospital research. The goal is not that the research proposals will be executed, although further initiatives to do so will be applauded.

Further reading

Many of the topics covered in the workshop is described in detail in the Booklet, published by Falck Foundation. The booklet can be downloaded on this link:


08:30 Welcome and short introduction on the Falck Foundation and the prehospital research seminar Rune Andersen (Denmark)
08:45 Prehospital Research Proposal Jan Christiaen (Belgium)
09:15 Prehospital Study Designs and Methodology
Olivier Hoogmartens (Belgium)
09:45 Ethics in pre-hospital research Anantharaman Venkataraman (Singapore)
10:15 Coffee break  
10:30 Why is prehospital research so difficult? Maaret Castrén (Finland)
11:00 Rookie Mistakes and Pitfalls in prehospital Research Joost Bierens (The Netherlands)
11:30 Instructions Olivier Hoogmartens (Belgium)
11:45 Pre-hospital research proposal session - Part 1 All
13:00 Lunch break  
13:45 Pre-hospital research proposal session - Part 2  Participants
15:30 Presentation of proposals Participants
16:00 Wrap up and evaluations All