Pre-course: Ultrasound Advanced

Saturday 27 September: 08:30 - 18:00
Sunday 28 September: 08:30 - 12:30

Course Directors

Mike Lambert (USA), Hein Lamprecht (South Africa)


Zeki Atesli (UK), Raoul Breitkreutz (Germany), Gian Cibinel (Italy), Pasha Farooq (Saudi Arabia), Katarzyna Hampton (USA), Hani Hariri (Saudi Arabia), Beatrice Hoffman (USA), Bob Jarman (UK), Jean Francois Lanctot (Canada), Christofer Muhr (Sweden), Joseph Osterwalder (Switzerland), Maxime Valois (Canada), Gabriele Via (Italy), Joseph Wood (USA)


60 physicians in 12 groups


English speaking participants, basic US experience and/or previous participation in a basic emergency US course, ALS/ACLS/ATLS certification recommended.

Course description

2-days emergency ultrasound advanced course: lectures, organ based hands-on practice, simulated clinical scenarios.

Learning objectives

  • Technique: advanced US approach to head, neck, limbs, chest, heart, abdomen
  • Recognition of advanced US syndromes
  • US enhanced advanced management of critical syndromes: cardiac arrest, shock, respiratory failure, acute abdomen, coma


DAY 1    
08:00 Introduction Mike Lambert (USA) Gian Cibinel (Italy)
08:20 Basic to Advanced Physics Robert Jarman (UK)
08:50 Practical - Introduction Candidates get to choose 7 sessions from the list below
09:00 Session 1  
09:45 Session 2  
10:30 Coffee  
10:45 Session 3  
11:30 Session 4  
12:15 Lunch  
13:00 Session 5  
13:45 Session 6     
14:30 Coffee  
14:45 Session7  
15:30 Session8  
16:15 Integration in to Serious Illness- Scanarios  
   Advanced Machine/Physics Maxime Valois (Canada), Robert Jarman (UK)
   Lung Ultrasound Robert Jarman (UK)
   Cardiac Basic Joseph Osterwalder (Switzerland), Hani Hariri (Saudi Arabia)
   Cardiac Advanced Raoul Breitkreutz (Germany), Gabriele Via (Italy)
   Shock Scan Jean Francois Lanctot (Canada), Christofer Muhr (Sweden)
   Advanced Abdominal Zeki Atesli (UK)
   MSK Katarzyna Hampton (USA), Beatrice Hoffman (USA)
   DVT Katarzyna Hampton (USA), Joseph Wood (USA)
   eFast Pasha Farooq (Saudi Arabia)
   Small Parts Beatrice Hoffman (USA)
   HepatoBiliary Joseph Wood (USA), Zeki Atesli (UK) 
   Pelvis Mike Lambert (USA)
   FASH - Tb Scanning / HIV Scanning Hein Lamprecht (South Africa)
DAY 2    
08:00 US in Cardiac Arrest  Raoul Breitkreutz (Germany)
08:30 US in Shock Jean Francois Lanctot (Canada)
09:00 What's New in PoCUS Beatrice Hoffman (USA)
09:30 A Review of What's out there Educationally   
10:00 Coffee
10:20 Interactive Scanning  
   Cardiac Arrest Raoul Breitkreutz (Germany), Joseph Osterwalder (Switzerland)
   Critically Ill Maxime Valois (Canada), Beatrice Hoffman (USA)
   Critically Ill Gian Cibinel (Italy)
12:20 Wrap Up Session