EBEEM exam dates 2023 available

The exam diets for 2023 are set. Especially for Part B it's important to save registration date in your agenda, since the seats are limited. Registration should always go through your MyEUSEM account, so just login here: https://eusem.org/register and look for the registration button.

Part A: Friday 10 March:

Registration opens 15 December 2022 till 31 January 2023

Part B: Fri-Sun 23-25 June

Registration opens 1 April till 23 April 2023

Part A: Friday 8 September

Registration opens 1 July till 26 July 2023

Part B: Fri-Sun 17-19 November 

Registration opens 1 September till 21 September 2023

Education update

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One of the main focuses of EUSEM is Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development. We have been actively developing numerous activities. Please find the latest Educational Update with our courses and webinars that you can join and share with your peers, trainees and colleagues to keep your knowledge in EM up to date.