Ethics Committee


To coordinate the ethics-related activities of the Society.


1. Increasing awareness among EUSEM members on ethical issues as they apply to the practice of emergency medicine by reviewing and disseminating information;

2. Assisting members of EUSEM in understanding and addressing the dynamic ethical issues that confront the practice of EM.

3. Timely Ethical Issues:

  • identifying existing ethics materials and developing content for use in educational programs at meetings;
  • choosing timely ethical issues and developing a white paper or symposium on that issue for a subsequent meeting.

4. Ethics Education by:

  • serving as an educational resource, but not as an adjudication body, for EUSEM members seeking guidance on ethics issues;
  • developing and overseeing ethics-related activities which will promote the Society’s standards of ethical conduct within the profession and its related disciplines;
  • helping in the development of the curriculum pertaining to the teaching of ethics.

5. Ethics Research by:

  • guidance on approval from hospital ethics committee;
  • developing guidelines on the ethics of clinical research and its funding in emergency medicine;
  • advising on the ethics of authorship, of subjects’ rights on informed consent and publication.

6.Ethics Technology by:

  • identifying ethical issues pertaining to technology and the pharma-industry.



Thompson, Peter


Leach, Robert (Professional Committee Representative)


Sabbe, Marc (EUSEM Honorary Treasurer)


Graham, Colin (Editor of EJEM)

Czech Republic

Šeblová, Jana (EUSEM Honorary Secretary)


Benter, Thomas


Askitopoulou, Helen (Chair)


Petrino, Roberta (EUSEM President/Ex-officio member)


Spiteri, Anna (Education Committee Representative)


Spruyt, Carolina


Garcia-Castrillo, Luis (Research Committee Representative)

United Kingdom

Babakhanlou, Rodrick (Young EM Doctors Section Representative)

United Kingdom

Beattie, Tom

United Kingdom

Foex, Bernard

United Kingdom

Williams, David (Past-President UEMS EM Section)

Contact Information


For further details, please contact the Committee Chair:

Helen Askitopoulou
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.