In the first edition of our paediatric webinar series, held April 7, we started to review the current state of the art and continue to share experiences from the PED in highly impacted countries; France, Spain and Italy. It was a very interesting webinar, with many participants and a lot of questions answered. 

The recording is now available on the EUSEM Academy: Guidance on COVID-19 in Paediatrics Open access for everybody.

The PDF's and Q&A will be shared here as well soon. 

With a special thanks to Ruud Nijman, Roberto Velasco and Luigi Titomanlio for organising this.

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You'll find the webinar from March 28 there as well: COVID-19, A Unique Insight from Highly Impacted Countries 

SAVE THE DATE!: The next webinar will be held on the 24th of April at 14:00 CEST.