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Fellowship update

EUSEM YEMD Section is currently establishing a Network for "Trainee Exchange Fellowship Programme". The aim of "Trainee Exchange Fellowship Programme" is to provide a wide range of excellent training for emergency medicine trainees at hosting centres across Europe within the EUSEM member countries. Different categories of "Trainee Exchange Fellowship Programmes" are proposed: (1) clinical fellowship, (2) clinical research work, (3) non-clinical research work, and (4) non-clinical observership. Trainees are encouraged to visit recognised centres, to spend sufficient time there in order to gain experience and return home with knowledge and skills to pass onto their peers. In duration, they can either enrol short term (1 - 2 weeks) or long term (2 - 6 months) to ONLY ONE "Trainee Exchange Fellowship Programme" within recognised hosting centres. Each hosting centre will determine the frequency of trainee application intake, in accordance to their capacity and local policy. Criteria have been established to allow the EUSEM YEMD to identify the best and most promising trainees and support them with limited number of scholarships. At present, we are in a process of building up a dedicated "Trainee Exchange Fellowship Programme" Web-based Platform, covering essential information with regards to application process and hosting centres information. For any additional queries kindly directly contact EUSEM YEMD Section at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Eligibility: priority is given to members of EUSEM working as an EM physician in Europe

More information about the fellowship programme will be available from 11 October, 2019.


Fellowship 2018


You can read the report of Dr Dinka Lulic about the 2018 fellowship programme here.



Past YEMD fellowships

Dr Heather Wieman from Norway and Dr Dalip Kumar from the UK have been awarded Fellowships in non-invasive ventilation. Read full details here

You can read the report about the EUSEM Young Doctors fellowship on non-invasive ventilation, written by Dr Heather Wieman here and the report of Dalip Kumar here.