Special Interest Group Technology and Process of Care


The Practice of Emergency Medicine cannot be divided from Technology and Processes of Care.

Technology such as

  • Communication tools (radiograph, phone)
  • Devices such as the electrocardiogram

are part of the history of Emergency medicine practice.

Processes of Care have been introduced more recently; the chain of survival is the most notorious among them in our practice.


1. The Special Interest Group was founded in 2013 on the occasion of the MEMC2013 event in Marseille (France).

2. It promotes Research on Technology as well as on Process of Care in Emergency Care.


The Special Interest Group promotes its vision through creating and diffusing results, e.g.

  • Knowledge map
  • Studying of a White Paper by the European Forum for Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies and submission for signature to EUSEM Executive Council.


  1. Members are required to be up to date with EUSEM membership fees.
  2. The Special Interest Group recruits and is empowered by professionals inside and outside of the Emergency Care area. To respond to the needs of its members, the Special Interest Group successfully made a motion to create the Associate member statute for those who do not practice Emergency Care.


  1. Members meet for a mandatory face-to-face meeting once a year on the occasion of the annual EUSEM event, e.g. EUSEM 2015 in Torino, and EUSEM 2016 in Vienna.
  2. On the occasion of a face-to-face meeting, candidates can apply for membership.
  3. Three more meetings are held throughout the year with the use of a virtual platform. More are scheduled if necessary.
  4. Core work is conducted between meetings with help of virtual and free tools to respond to needs such as editing, storing, decision-making, scheduling as well as networking.


Since Jan 2019 a project has started on harmonized triage process. As the project is still active, two posters were done until now and an original research paper is in the making.




Nathalie Flacke: Emergency Physician, Knowledge Management


Cinzia Barletta

United States

Mike Duerr Specht: Vocabulary and ontology, Graphical representation of clinical patterns

United Kingdom

Tom Beattie

United States

Barry Floyd


Pinchas Halpern: Application of informatics to – emergency situations and disaster management – ED process improvement


Tiziana Margaria (Interim Co-Chair): Processes of care, management processes, representation forms, knowledge Management


Ulf Martin Schilling (Interim Chair)


Micaela Seemann Monteiro: Physician and director of the emergency department at a major teaching hospital in Lisbon. Game enhanced learning in medical education is a major area of interest and research.


Paolo Prinetto: Application of informatics to – emergency situations and disaster management – ED process improvement


Luis Garcia Castrillo-Riesgo (EUSEM President)


Abdelouahab Bellou

Who can participate in this group?

All individual members of the European Society for Emergency Medicine EUSEM may apply to join this group, provided they are interested in Research in:

Technology and
Processes of Care.

Professionals of other areas in Emergency Care enrich our Special Interest Group and receive a warm welcome.

Chair Ulf Martin Schilling

Co-Chair Prof. Dr. Tiziana Margaria

Please contact the group by e-mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.