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Within a two-to-six week period, the trainee can get accustomed to a new environment, become an active part of our department, and visit other EDs and ambulance facilities throughout the region. Trainee can also gain specific experience in the application of “ultrasonography” in the emergency department. 

The Portuguese official proposal for the Emergency Medicine Specialty creation

The Portuguese College for Emergency Medicine presents the official proposal for the Emergency Medicine Specialty creation.

The report is in Portuguese you can Read it here

Please find here the translated introduction to the report:


The College of Emergency Medical Competence (CCEM) with its 783 members has been
promoting the internal debate on Emergency Medicine in Portugal. In three
consecutive general meetings we had the honour of being able to rely on the presence of
European Society for Emergency Medicine (EUSEM), members of the European
UEMS and the most worthy representatives of national societies and our Order, for the purpose of
reflecting, debating and maturing ideas on the importance of specialized training, organization and certification
for emergency medicine in the context of current national and European level.

These meetings were only possible thanks to the commitment of our Order, namely our
President, Dr. Miguel Guimarães and our National Executive Council (CNE).
First of all, CCEM expresses its sincere thanks for the unconditional support we received in these events.

Internal debate, within the College and with experts in the field, allowed us to conclude that indeed the path taken by our European partners
and the vast majority of countries on five continents are right to ensure higher quality assistance,
patient safety and efficient resource management in the specialty of emergency medicine.
We are convinced that the right course requires the determined and swift implementation of the
Specialty in Emergency Medicine in Portugal.


Results- President-Elect

We are glad to announce the new President-Elect of EUSEM!

 In a very tight election race Dr Abdo Khoury got 130 of the votes opposite of Dr John Heyworth who got 116 votes. There were 3 abstentions.

We congratulate both of the candidates and welcome Abdo Khoury as new President-Elect!