YEMD Fellowship Programme

Czech Republic, Kladno - Emergency Medical Service of the Central Bohemian Region

Learn basic principles of EMS system organisation, 

including medical dispatch and experience out-of-hospital 

emergency medicine as EMS team member. 

Name of the hosting institute

Emergency Medical Service of the Central Bohemian Region 

Kladno, Czech Republic

Type of fellowship

Non Clinical (Observership)



Duration of fellowship

Short term – 2 weeks 

Job description

Short term observership at Emergency Medical Service as a team member. 

Application intake

Rolling – depending on availability of terms for foreign applicants 

Educational opportunities

To learn basic principles of EMS system organisation, including medical dispatch and experience out-of-hospital emergency medicine as EMS team member.  

Research projects currently active

4S – Comparison of diagnostic tools in sepsis – SIRS versus qSoFA 

Year of training of the applicants

2 and higher 

Specific requirements

Individual injury insurance necessary. 

15 EUR/day = 150 EUR for  10 days to cover the cost of  observership (uniform, supervision etc.) 

Level of insurance provided

See above.