YEMD Fellowship Programme

Turkey, Ankara - Hacettepe University - Faculty of Medicine

Observation in the management of the patients in triage, 

fast track, urgent and critical care area in ED and participation

in the academic education programme of the department. 

Name of the hosting institute

Department of Emergency Medicine

Hacettepe University, Faculty of Medicine

Ankara Turkey

Type of fellowship

Non Clinical (Observership)


English, Turkish 

Duration of fellowship

Short term – 2 to 6 weeks 

Job description

Observation in the management of the patients in triage, fast track, urgent and critical care area in ED and participation in the academic education programme of the department. 

Application intake


Educational opportunities

  • Active observation in emergency patient’s management
  • practical training in simulation laboratory
  • participation of didactic academic education programme in department
  • participation in multidisciplinary case meetings and participation in joint meetings with the radiology department. 

Research projects currently active

  • there are studies going on about usage of Ultrasound in critically ill patients like head traumas, shock, hypertensive emergencies and urgencies;
  • searching of the end tidal CO2 usage of during resusciation;
  • searching of the efficacy of the ultrasound usage in extubation. 

Year of training of the applicants

1st-4th years

Specific requirements


Level of insurance provided

Trainee should have a health insurance covering insurance of occupational accidents and professional diseases