Industry Sessions

29 October 2021  

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               Lunch Industry Symposium            Time: 12:55- 13:55                             Auditorium 2

               Controversies in Anticoagulation and Management of Life-Threatening Bleeding in the Anticoagulated Patient:

               A Practical Case-based Approach in the ED         

                An Interactive CME Certified Symposium                         

                           Faculty:                Barbra  Backus,              The Netherlands            

                           Faculty:                Walter Gibler,                  U.S.A.  

                           Faculty:                Rick Body,                        United Kingdom              

                           Faculty:                Martin  Moeckel,            Germany            

             Presentation: What are therapeutic approaches of the patients on anticoagulation with life-threatening bleeds?

             Presentation: What are reversal strategies for the anticoagulated patient with life-threatening bleeding?

             Case study: how to approach life-threatening intracranial bleeding in the anticoagulated patient?

             Case study: how to approach life-threatening gastrointestinal bleeding in the anticoagulated patient?

             Case study: how to approach life-threatening bleeding in the anticoagulated trauma patient?

             Roundtable: how do I develop a hospital critical pathway for severe bleeding in the anticoagulated patient?



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       Lunch Industry Symposium         Time: 12:55- 13:55                    Virtual

       Antivirals at Home: Moving Beyond Supportive Care for Outpatients with COVID-19  

              The changing epidemiology of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19

               Speaker: Carolina Garcia Vidal, Spain     

              Considerations in emergency medical care for patients with possible COVID-19

               Speaker: Juan González Del Castillo, Spain          

              Treatment at home: Emerging oral COVID-19 treatment options

               Speaker: Yoseph Caraco, Spain 



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         Lunch Industry Symposium           Time: 12:55- 13:55                              Auditorium 7

         Evaluation of mTBI patients in the ED                    

                Speaker: Francisco Moya,            Spain    


         Baxter Lunch Industry Symposium               Time: 12:55- 13:55                           Room 3A+B                       

         How to manage fluids to patients’ need?  

                Chair     Abdo  Khoury,   France 

                Chair     Jacob Bacariza,  Portugal             

                12:55     Introduction

                13:00     Importance of gold-directed therapy in ED

                               Speaker : Fillipe  Gonzalez, Portugal      

                13:15      Fluid management in sepsis patient: FRESH trial

                               Speaker: Lui Forni, United Kingdom       

                13:30     Learning from Spanish guidelines implementation

                               Speaker: Dra Najarro, Spain       


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             The Age of Microfluidics

              Friday 29th October Product Demo

              10:40am in the Exhibition Hall, SIMCUP area during the coffee break

              Come and join our product presentation session, where we will demonstrate first-hand the power of the LumiraDx Platform. As industry-leading innovators,

              we have developed a state-of-the-art Platform, to deliver high accuracy diagnostics. Providing simple, accessible, and affordable point of care testing. ​

              With a pipeline of 30+ assays, initially focused on some of the most common conditions being diagnosed or managed with POC testing.

              Better Health. Better Experiences. Better Outcomes



30 October 2021  


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           BD Lifesciences Lunch Industry Symposium               Time: 12:55- 13:55                   Room 5AB         

           The impact of non-reported POCT errors on patient care and hospital resources         

                               Welcome and introduction of speakers

                               Chair: Anthony Malpass, United Kingdom           

                               Introduction of POCT

                               Speaker: Kevin Rooney, United Kingdom

                             POCT in the ED

                               Speaker: Ulf Martin Schilling, Sweden

                               Patient case study 1

                               Speaker: Kevin Rooney, United Kingdom

                             Video of the taking of blood gas samples from patients

                               Speaker: Antonio Buño Soto,     Spain                    

                               How Hb errors can occur

                               Speaker: Antonio Buño Soto,     Spain                    

                               Patient case study 2

                               Speaker: Ulf Martin Schilling, Sweden

                             How Potassium errors can occur

                               Speaker: Antonio Buño Soto,     Spain

                             POCT – the laboratory viewpoint

                               Speaker: Antonio Buño Soto,     Spain

                               Panel Discussion