PC 7: Simulation in healthcare: train the trainer

Course Directors

  • Anne Laure Philippon (France)
  • Pierluigi Ingrassia (Italy)


  • Alessandro Costa, Italy
  • Youri Yordanov, France
  • Lukas Drabauer, Austria
  • Guillem Bouilleau, France


The course is designed for 16 participants.

Course overview

The course will introduce learners to the basics of simulation in healthcare. It’s an initiation course, for people who want to teach with the simulation’s principles but don’t know how to begin. 

We will alternate theoretical and practical sessions, in order to have an active workshop, based on active pedagogy. 

We will talk about theoretical foundations of the different components of simulation-based-training. 

And we will have different “action sessions” about key points in simulation-based training, such as: how I prepare my simulation session, how can I make a scenario's and how can I debrief.

Then each participant will participate in the creation of a simulation session. 

Course description & learning objectives

  1. To learn the basis on medical education, medical error and human factor.
  2. To learn the concept of Crisis Management (CRM), team work and multi-disciplinary approach in Simulation
  3. To get an insight on what is simulation in Healthcare: definition, tools, scenarios, briefing, debriefing.
  4. To practice Simulation and Debriefing by producing scenarios in small trainee groups and by debriefing training debriefings
  5. After the course, you will be able to :
    make your own simulation program
    participate in debriefing sessions


Saturday 19 September


Welcome and Introduction
Objectives: Introduction of participants (instructors and trainees)


What is simulation education? From standardized patient to high fidelity simulation. Crisis Resource Management
Objectives: Basis in medical education, medical error and human factor; simulation: definition, description of simulation tools. Intro to CRM


Preparing and running a simulation and debriefing session: Key principles
Objectives: Scenarios, briefing, simulation session, debriefing, learning objectives

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

Presentation of one patient simulator / Prebriefing
Objectives: Practical presentation of simulation room and principles to learners


Scenario design and preparation
Objectives: Creation of two simulation scenario (one with manikin and one simulated patient)




Hands on opportunity (1): Running and taking part in a scenario


Coffee Break


Hands on opportunity (2): Running and taking part in a scenario


Q&A, discussion, workshop evaluation
Objectives: How to implement simulation in initial and continuous education