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Research Committee

Research Committee

Research in Emergency Medicine is a challenging task. The EUSEM Research Committee is committed to promoting and conducting high-quality research through

  • EUSEM Research Projects
  • Collaborative Projects
  • EUSEM working groups

EUSEM Research Projects

The EUSEM Research Committee aims to create a network of research centres which will have a core workforce able to produce research projects that meet the expectations of EU agencies.

The following initiatives are recommended:

  • An annual research project decided upon at the annual EUSEM congress and completed within one or two years.
  • Funding applications for the selected project should be submitted to national and European research agencies and companies.


Ideal topics for the EUSEM research programme should be questions of high priority and clinical interest for Emergency Medicine which will benefit from designs using multicentre studies with a great variety of participating centres and large patient numbers.

Some possible research topics for discussion:

  • Severe trauma registries
  • Cardiac arrest registries
  • Benchmark methodology in the ED and EMS
  • Syncope registry
  • Use of clinical scores at EU level


Multicenter clinical questions of importance that need simple interventions, but large number of patients:

  • Should we use oxygen with bag-valve mask ventilation in out of hospital cardiac arrest?
  • Should we give oxygen for patients with chest pain, NSTEMI or STEMI?
  • Optimal analgesic use for common problems (chest pain, musculoskeletal pain, etc.)?
  • Optimal timing of antibiotics in sepsis
  • Optimal type and volume of fluids for rehydration of gastroenteritis
  • Optimal type and volume of fluids in sepsis

Collaborative Projects

Collaborative Projects are research projects which require partners. The EUSEM Research Committee aims to facilitate the search for partners and support all participants.

The Committee welcomes proposals for collaborative projects. Initially, a brief description of the proposed project and a brief resume of the principal investigator should be submitted.

Working Groups

The EUSEM Research Committee aims to gather groups of experts into Working Groups. These Groups will be supported by EUSEM in their research activities.

The research committee welcomes proposals for Working Groups. Initially, a brief description of the objectives of the proposed Group and a brief resume of the principal investigator should be submitted.

For further details or to submit proposals for research projects or interest groups, please contact the Committee Chair:

Chair: Said Laribi: [email protected]

To date the following Working Groups have been formed:

Chair: Mehmet Akif Karamercan – [email protected]

Shock, Anaphylaxis, Sepsis
Chair: Abdel Bellou – [email protected]

Chair: Francisco Moya – [email protected]

Technology and Process of Care in Emergency Care
Chair: Martin Schilling – [email protected]  Webpage

All groups are recruiting members. Please contact the Chairs to apply to join any working group. To be eligible to join a WG you must be a EUSEM member. To apply for EUSEM membership, please click here.


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Garcia-Castrillo, Luis (Ex-officio, EUSEM Vice-President)

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