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Message to all EUSEM members and all Emergency medicine doctors and professionals

Dear friends and colleagues,

It is with honour, pleasure and a lot of expectations that I start my mandate as new president of the EUSEM

The objectives of the EUSEM for the next years are to increase all the activities, involving more and more the young doctors,  the true future of Emergency Medicine, to build up a “factory of ideas” and a loud voice that is  fighting for expanding the culture, knowledge and awareness of  Emergency Medicine throughout Europe.

Our Goals for 2017 - Click Here

To increase our visibility in the international panorama with our new website and the social networks, filling with content, educational experiences, exchange of ideas so that the EUSEM will become the most authoritative voice of Emergency Medicine in Europe

To bring education, above all through simulation, all over Europe and teach to all who are involved in emergency care all the aspects of the European Curriculum

To encourage and increase the scientific activities through European research projects and by the valorisation of the young researchers on the field

To increase the already high value of the European Congress thinking of new formats that may enhance the participation and interaction between speakers and the audience, and to make it social, available and usable to participants

To work with the National Societies and national governments to make the specialty of Emergency Medicine become a reality in each European countries and with the same level of quality.

To increase the participation to the activities of the Sections and Committees, above all those like Disaster Medicine, Pre-hospital, Geriatric EM, Paediatric EM, that are the most challenging topics for us in these days, not forgetting the Professional and Ethical aspects of our job.

To work with the UEMS section&board of Emergency Medicine to revise the Curriculum and to increase the interest towards the EBEEM, through a high level of training.

I hope that many of you will want to join us in this big dream; all of you are invited to apply to any of the above activities/goals and to be part of our community for a great future of Emergency Medicine in Europe.

European Board Examination of Emergency Medicine – Applications Part A for March are open.

We wish to invite all of you to join the XIth European Congress of Emergency Medicine in the beautiful and historical city of Athens.

The Young Emergency Medicine Doctors Section of EuSEM is pleased to present EUSEM Refresher Course 8.


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A Database update is due soon which will correct the Registration Dates. Membership History will also be fixed with this update.